Stained Glass Viking OST (Chiptune)

by GnomeSlice

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    The person who asked me to do the music was involved in a student project, so I didn't get paid anything for doing this. Because this is the first 'album' I've ever released, it's free, but any support is sincerely appreciated.
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    All of the tracks on this album were uploaded in lossless .wav format, and are exactly (mostly) as they appear in the game (not extended). I've also included a bit of bonus content, which is listed in the album info below.

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This is a mini-album I put together for the iOS game 'Stained Glass Viking'.

The reason I was so careful to label this as the 'chiptune soundtrack' of the game, is that there was another musician who also did music for the game. The other one features some really great orchestral tracks, and you should check it out if he releases it.

I've never used Bandcamp before, so I'm unsure exactly how it will affect these (mostly looping) tracks. Most of them were designed to loop perfectly, so if bandcamp does anything to the beginning or end of the songs, they won't loop as well. If this is the case, I apologize.

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If you buy/download the entire album, I've included two bonus tracks as a thanks.

The first one is a version of the Game Over music (Death of a Legend) which is designed to loop. It's the same track but without the 3-4 second 'intro' at the beginning.

The second one is a 'sketch' of sorts I did a few months ago, and it's actually the first piece of chiptune I've ever done. It's not long, nor is it terribly good, but I figured someone out there might enjoy it. If you want to preview it in low-quality, you can do so here:

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This album was composed entirely in two pieces of free software. 'Musagi' (chiptunes) and 'Sunvox'.


released June 13, 2012

Michael Dunfield




GnomeSlice Ottawa, Ontario

Sometimes I just sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits.

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