Trials of the Gods

from by GnomeSlice



This is the main in-game music loop.

This is easily the track I spent the most amount of time on, out of everything on this soundtrack (limited though that may be). I really wanted to make something that looped well, and could be looped without becoming boring. I'm reasonably pleased with how that turned out. The quality of the looping is nearly perfect, but I was a little disappointed in the final track length. Once I did the first section, I was completely at a loss for how to make it any longer for a number of days, before I added a second section, and called it quits.

I also really wanted to compose something that would reflect the frantic nature of the game. 'Stained Glass Viking' is an 'endless running' game in the vein of 'Canabalt' if you're familiar with that, so it's a very skill-oriented game designed to test the player's reflexes.


from Stained Glass Viking OST (Chiptune), released June 13, 2012




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